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Are you looking to secure your new home and land package, but finding it increasingly out of reach?

米乐体育m6安全下载 would like to share some of the costs with you and help you achieve your dream sooner, by giving you the equivalent of your stamp duty!

Simply secure one of our already excellent home and land packages in Sydney, and 米乐体育m6安全下载 will credit back to you the value of your stamp duty payment, by reducing the amount payable on your building contract. This could mean an incredible saving of over $40,000 on the cost of your new home and land package.

Land is available in North West and South West Sydney and building a new home will never be cheaper, so take advantage of this great opportunity to have 米乐体育m6安全下载 build you a fantastic new home, and cover your stamp duty!

Simply get in touch with one of our consultants today to see how you could benefit from this limited time offer.

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Terms and Conditions

1. This offer is valid to Capitol Constructions Pty Ltd, trading as “米乐体育m6安全下载” and its subsidiary brands (Evoke Home and Land) customers who enter into a contract to purchase a house and land package within specified dates. The package is applicable to specified lot purchased as advised by “米乐体育m6安全下载” and who proceed to build with “米乐体育m6安全下载”.
2. This offer is available to all new clients that pay a reservation fee of $2,500.00 AUD to secure a House and Land Package between 9:00am AEST, 20th August 2022 and 5:00pm ADST, 30th December 2022 and who then proceed to: –
(a) The offer is only provided to those clients who meet these Terms and Conditions and unconditionally complete a land contract and building contract on a “Specified Lot”
(b) Execute a “米乐体育m6安全下载” “Preliminary Works Agreement” and pay the preliminary fee, within the designated time frame as outlined in clause 2.
(b) Proceed to enter into a HIA Building Contract with Capitol Constructions Pty Ltd trading as ““米乐体育m6安全下载””
(c) Obtain a Construction Certificate for the commencement of the dwelling, and procced to construction phase of development.
3. A “new customer” is identified as any individual or entity who has not yet paid an initial fee on a House and Land package with ““米乐体育m6安全下载””.
4. “House and Land Package” is any package created by the client and a “米乐体育m6安全下载” staff member or recognised representative, from “米乐体育m6安全下载” land access portal.
5. This offer is extended to one of the first 20 clients who secure a “House and Land Package” under the aforementioned conditions. Once the first 20 clients have proceeded to initial deposit stage, those clients intending to be considered for the promotional prize will need to meet the standard terms and conditions of the “Preliminary Works Agreement”, with the winning entrant from this group selected at random by a designated “Neutral Authority”.
6. “Neutral Authority” for the purpose of this document and limited to this competition is designated as “a representative from Crownland Developments”.
7. This offer will be paid by way of an adjustment in the purchaser’s favour to the “Fee Schedule” as set down in the standard HIA contract offered to the client as part of the “House and Land Package”. The adjustment sum will be equal to the amount of stamp duty paid by the client under Chapter 2 of the Duties Act 1997 (NSW) in respect to the price stated on the front page of the land contract between the vendor of the site and the purchaser (excluding any surcharge purchaser duty, aggregation, interest, or penalty tax or duty, or duty arising from any novation or assignment of the contract). This offer is conditional upon the purchaser completing the land contract for the purchase from the “Developer Party” and the client’s acceptance of “米乐体育m6安全下载” offer of HIA building contract. Customers participating in this offer agree to disclose the terms of this offer to any bank or other financial institution from which they are obtaining finance for the purchase and to any relevant Government Authority. The customer agrees to indemnify Capitol Constructions Pty Ltd T/as “米乐体育m6安全下载” and its subsidiary brands (Evoke Home and Land) from any liability arising from the failure to disclose the terms of this offer.
8. “Developer Party” refers to any developer that “米乐体育m6安全下载” has secured land from, for the purpose of this offer.
9. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer available from “米乐体育m6安全下载” and or its subsidiary brands (Evoke Home and Land).

Authorised under: NSW Permit No. TP/02071.

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