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Winston Light

Every customer has a different style, so why let us limit your facade choices. View our Dual Occupancy facade gallery to pick the right facade. All our facades can be tailored to suit your floor plan, with slight modifications we can ensure that you get what you want for your new Vogue home.

Floor Plan

Sierra 45

Dual Occupancy | Duplex




Min. Block Frontage


The Sierra has been crafted smartly to include all the necessities in a stand-alone home into a duplex design. Each unit boasts 3 living spaces, each allowing for flexibility in how you will use these areas. The kitchen and meals effortlessly flows onto the alfresco, providing extra space to entertain in. The Sierra floor plan includes four bedrooms, including one downstairs for easy access, and three bathrooms. Upstairs you will find a cozy space for you to relax and enjoy some quiet time. The Sierra duplex design truly does create a home for your family to live in while giving you the opportunity to capitalise on your land.

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